Lost Hollow UK 2018 The Vacation time. 

After C2C in March, we knew it was crazy, but we had to come back in the summer for a tour.  Over the many trips we have come, just Tom and I, we brought Anya, our oldest, our 2 oldest sons, Taylor and Kieran, but we have never brought our youngest 3.  When you have a large family of 6 kiddos, flying everyone has never been anything we have attempted to do.  That is a dream of mine for us to do a tour with all 6 of our very talented children with us…That is for another day. 

So, on this trip we decided to take the plunge, pray for money for plane tickets and gigs and bring Lily, Maggie and Rowan. 

  Maggie and Lily have flown on a plane when they were babies, so they have no recollection, and Rowan has never been on a plane.  Can you believe for our first trip with them, we flew them across the Atlantic Ocean to England??? 

We also were crazy enough to make this a 3 ½ week tour, with the first 6 days a tourist'y vacation. 

We arrived in London, packed into our car and drove to Canterbury for 2 nights.  What a lovely city.  The Canterbury Cathedrial  was just gorgeous and just enormous.  The village of Canterbury is very old and just beautiful.

























From there we headed to Wiltshire, to show the kids, Castle Combe and Lacock.  2 stunningly gorgeous villages. 















From there we finally made the drive to Cornwall!!  We are huge Doc Martin fans, so to make the pilgrimage has been on our bucket list.  We met our friend, Suzie Mac in Port Isaac, had a fab lunch.  If you've never watched the show Doc Martin, you're in for a treat.  














                                                                  Look at Tom and I at Doc Martin's house! 












These fine gents above took 'our' pic of us, but not before blessing us with a very nice selfie!  Haha!!   

From there we went to Stonehenge.  Such an amazing, ancient place filled with mystery.


 We also stayed in Salisbury, another very old city with a massive Cathedral and a beautiful medieval market place and village around the cathedral.  Tom and Rowan went for an explore while me and the girls took a well deserved nap. They managed to find a 700 year old pub, where Tom had a pint of his favorite Guinness, and Rowan had a Coke, of course. 

It was an fun, whirlwind jam packed 6 days!  

In the next blogs, we'll delve into week 2, starting with shows!!



We Won!! Best Americana Artist 2018 

The 2018 Indie Music Channel Awards took place in Los Angeles.  We were nominated for Americana Band of the Year.  WE WON!!!  WOOHOOO!

But then, much to our surprise, we found out that we actually won a second award!  Best New Emerging Act!  Double WOOHOOO!

Many thanks to everyone that believes in Lost Hollow.  And many thanks to the Indie Music Channel and Christopher Ewing!

Brixworth Nursery Farm Show...our best audience!  

Brixworth Nursery Farm is one of our favorite places ever. Located in Northampton, United Kingdom.  It is owned and run by our good friends Rachael and Christian. We have been good friends with them for over 10 years.  

                                        BNF is a facility for adults with special needs. How cool is that?  

Monday through Friday, some alternating days, there are about 50 clients that are at the farm. Being a farm, they have animals, chickens, goats, a horse and pony, pigs, peacock and peahen, plants, even a bug hotel, which the clients helped to build! 

The clients help tend to the animals and tend to the plants.  


They have an exercise room, a day room, arts and crafts, dance, movies, relaxation room, kitchen. Plus they take the clients on outings. There is so much for the clients to do.  Seriously, this facility is awesome!!!  


We were in the UK for the C2C Festival at the 02, we had the opportunity to sing for the clients of Brixworth Nursery Farm.


 Best Audience!!!  We walked in to them chanting "Lost Hollow, Lost Hollow!"  

They sang with us on our songs, such joy and enthusiasm!

We loved every minute with them!    









                                                We love BNF and we love the clients. 


                                                    We can’t wait to come back!!!

Tom Fred the Donkey man.  


We are so excited to share this painting with you! 

This stunning painting is from our amazing, talented friend, Seimon Pugh-Jones.

We met Seimon and Min several years ago, through our friends Tommy Parham and Tia McGraff

This past spring, before our trip to the UK, Seimon asked if Tom would model for a huge project he was working on. Of course Tom said yes! While we were at the Tin Shed, Seimon took some photo's of Tommy for this project and he graciously took a few of both of us.  


The project is ‘Under Milk Wood’ based on the ‘radio drama’ then movie by Dylan Thomas

From Seimon: 

'Tom Fred the Donkey man. My 'model' is Tommy Harden.Top blokey and brilliant drummer. 

Check out 'Lost Hollow'..from Nashville, fantastic band!!..Thank you again Tommy for being part of my 'Under Milk Wood' project.' 

This painting is number 17 in this stunning series.  You can see some of the other works on his website. 

Please, check out Seimon's site and the other paintings and the brilliant work that he does here on his website.

If you have the chance to travel to the UK, or live in the UK, you MUST make a trip to Wales.  It's a gorgeous country.  The people are the best!  If you go, a must is Laugharne, It is where Dylan Thomas lived.  A quaint town, full of character.  

Then head to the Tin Shed, a 1940's museum and venue.  Tell Min and Seimon that Tommy and Lorrie sent you!  

You will be glad you did!  x


Scotland and Northampton UK May 2017 


Scotland is Gorgeous!!   What else can we say!  We had a great gig at the Vampos festival in Perth.  In between soundcheck and the gig we took a tour of the Scone Palace.  The artwork was insane!  After the gig we stayed in a gorgeous B&B right on Loch Lintrell. 


But first Coffee...

We stayed at The Lodge at Lochside, where Gareth, treated us to an amazing stay, full breakfast and let Anya make a few cups of coffee. We plan on going back next year and hopefully, playing a house concert while were making our trek back to Kirriemuir/Angus.  


We then made our pilgrimage to Kirriemiur, a gorgeous little village, home of the author J.M. Barrie, writer of Peter Pan, and original lead singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott.  It's also the village where Lorrie's great grandfather, William Wilkie, emigrated from.  So Lorrie and Anya took a pic in front of the house he used to live in.  Also, a pic of Lorrie's great-grand and family before he emigrated to America.  

Afterwards, we visited Glamis Castle.  Originally, the home of Elizabeth, Queen of England and Queen Mum to the current Queen, the was also the castle Where the Shakespearean Macbeth murder took place.  The castle is just breathtaking, worth a visit.  After the tour, our daughter Anya asked us to do an impromptu photo shoot in front of the castle.  You don't get backdrops like this every day! 




When we got back to Northampton (7 hour drive!) we got the privilege of being on the Bernie Keith Show on the BBC Radio 2, Northampton.  What a hoot he is!  I'm told he's a part time comedian as well, I can believe that!  We laughed, met his 'studio dog' Riley, and gave him some Goo Goo Clusters that we brought from Nashville. Fun times!  





Credits When I Get Home EP 






Lost Hollow When I Get Home Credits 

Produced and mixed by Tommy Harden at Tommy’s Dungeon, Nashville, Tennessee 

Mastered by Doug Wayne at Mastermind, Nashville, Tennessee 

Tree design by Cooper Handley, Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden 

Album art by Jim Kimball 

Management—Tim Fraser and Phil Pickett, Rugged Management, U.K.  


When I Get Home 

Written by G.B. Leighton and Tommy Harden 

Steve Mackey— bass 

Tommy Harden— drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, ukelele, mandolin, rhodes, 

Mike Severs— electric guitar 


I Love Me Some You 

Written by Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden, Don Rollins 

Mike Severs— acoustic and electric guitars 

Spady Brannan— bass 

Tammy Rogers King— mandolin 

Tommy Harden— drums, high string acoustic, percussion 


We Both Lose 

Written by Tommy Harden, Zoe Nichol, Rosie Jones (The Worry Dolls) 

Dan Dugmore— Steel guitar 

Tommy Harden— Drums, percussion, bass, acoustic and high string guitar, mandolin, rhodes 

Jeff King— electric guitar 

Anya Harden— vocals 



Written by Tim Fraser 

Pat McGrath—acoustic guitar 

Jeff King—electric guitar 

David Labruyere—bass 

Jimmy Mattingly—violin 

Tommy Harden—drums 


I Am 

Written by Tommy Harden, Lorrie Harden, Don Rollins, Anya Harden 

Derek Wells— electric guitar 

Mike Severs— acoustic guitar 

Eamon McGloughlin— violin, viola, cello 

Tommy Harden— drums, wurlitzer, percussion, acoustic guitar 

Spady Brannan— bass  

Anya Harden— vocals 


Tommy’s special thanks to Tim Fraser and Phil Pickett for your unwavering belief in us.  Thanks to Lorrie for having the best voice I’ve ever heard.  Thanks to our kids, Anya, Taylor, Kieran, Lily, Maggie, and Rowan, for putting up with all the many hours of work.  I’m in total gratitude to the players on this record, for bringing your utter brilliance and making our music come to life.  Thanks to Jim Kimball for some amazing artwork!  Thanks to Rachael and Christian for everything you guys do!  To Doug for your amazing mastering ninja talents, and having a better ear than me.  To Alex Torrez for your belief in us.  To all of our friends who have believed in this crazy dream of ours, and have given us unwavering support, we are grateful. 

Lorrie: Yes! I second everything that Tom says above.  Thank you all…we are beyond grateful.  I want to thank my amazing husband and best friend.  Thank you for all of the endless days and so, so many sleepless nights, working, writing, playing and singing to make all of this possible. I am always in awe of the depth and wisdom of talent within. Thank you for never wavering on our dream.  You are my favorite everything.  

I Am video out! 

About a year ago we made the call for people to send us their ‘word.’  How would you describe yourself in 1 to 2 words?  Fiery? Creative? Proud?  We were so happy with the response!  We almost didn’t have enough video space for the clips people sent in! 


Well enjoy the video and if you’d didn’t get to participate, please let us know your ‘word’ in the comments section!  And Thanks!  #whatsyourword



Amazing songwriters have joined us and 'A' Team Nashville Studio players/family are playing on our 2nd album!  Tommy has finished mixing our new album and it is now being 'mastered'.  This new records is awesome!   We have grown as a band, we have lots of 'new' stories to tell on this new CD!  Love our new music!   Can't wait to share this with all!  Soon.  Very soon.  

Amazing photo shoot with Max Ellis! 

While we were in the UK in May, we had the amazing opportunity to have a photo shoot with the incredibly talented, hilarious, lovable Max Ellis.  We were told by our good friend Tim Fraser that we would have a fantastic time, but we had no idea we would have such an amazing time and make new, very cool friends, that we can't wait to see next time we are in the UK!  
Max and Katherine are uber talented.  
Check out his photography, Max Ellis Photography
Katherine can SING!  Check out her site here: Katherine Ellis.  

We LOVE the UK, we leave more of our hearts over there every time we go.  Love making new friends.  It makes us want to be over there more and for longer periods of time.  I believe it will happen.  

Thank you Tim for setting up and introducing us to this amazing dynamic duo!  Thank you Max for an amazing photo shoot!  LOVE!

A Brief catch up on Lost Hollow. 

I am quite embarrassed to say, in January, I had a LONG post that I had almost completed.  I was going to add pics to took over and I, somehow, deleted the post.  
So I will bullet point our last months with Lost Hollow.
* Fall of 2015 we were able to head back to the UK and do a 2 week tour.  On this trip it wasn't just Tommy and I, we brought our 2 oldest and amazingly talented boys with us.  Taylor came with us again.  Played cajon.  Kieran, our 16 year old, came with us and played guitar and added harmonies.  What a treat it is to perform with our talented kids!!  It is a beautiful experience.  We have fallen in love with the people of England, Scotland and Ireland.  Not sure how many know, but Tommy is an Anglophile beyond!  Definitely expect us back...
* In January Tommy and I went back for a few weeks, this time it was to spend time with our very good friends Rachael and Christian.  Rachael Warwick is an amazing artist!  Tommy is producing her next album!  We tracked it in Nashville and went over to record her vocals.  Oh man, can't wait to share her music with the world!!!  
*That brings us to right now.  March 2016.  We are working on our Sophomore album.  We are very excited about it.  We will be making some fun videos to share with you over the next month.
*Have a few shows coming up.  One in Ft. Payne, Alabama and Tampa Florida. I'll be posting details.

Whealans Gig, Dublin 

One of my favorite gigs of the entire trip was getting to play at Whelan,s (pronounced like wheel) in Dublin.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Whelan's is the coolest indie music club/pub.  For me personally (this is Tom writing this blog) this was a really big deal, because Glen Hansard, and the Frames are from Dublin.  If you aren't familiar with Glen Hansard or the Frames, then check out the movie Once.  I promise you, you'll fall in love with it.  Whealan's is also the club where Ed Sheeran played quite a bit.  So naturally I was very excited to play this room.  
Tommy, Graham, Lor, and Taylor

Tommy, Graham, Lor, and Taylor

When we got there we were helped by Graham, who was one of the nicest people we've ever met.  Graham is one of those rare people who is always happy, always smiling, and was a huge help.  Taylor particularly loved the fireplace, being that Ireland is sometimes chilly, he pretty much stood in front of that for a while.  I of course of was happy with a pint of Guinness. 

We had the amazing Kathy Crinion and Justin McGurk open the show for us.  They were both fantastic!  Our set was truly magical.  

The room sounded amazing and it all went down beautifully.  This night was our very first Irish standing ovation and request for an encore.     From an artist standpoint, this is all you can ask for.  To emotionally touch people to the point where they ask for more when you're done.  Thank you Dublin and Whelan's!!  

One other side note.  We couldn't think about coming to Ireland and not learning some Irish music.  Lor did an amazing rendition of Danny Boy, I was going to try and sing harmonies, but I just got in the way, she was way to good and I felt like I was just a distraction.  We also learned 'Fallen Slowly' by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.  Graham was so sweet, when he found out we were doing the song, he texted Glen and inviting him to come out.  Glen was under a deadline, but graciously told Graham to say hello and thank you. That made the day even sweeter!!  I made Graham forward that text!!!  We are so looking forward to coming back to Dublin and Whelan's next trip!  If you are ever there, Whelan's is a must visit.  

Saturday Night up North 

Saturday we had an invite to be on The Saturday Connection radio show with Charlie McGettigan from 10-12.  Due to unfortunate circumstances with us, got a little lost and missed most of the show.  We finally found the radio station.  Made it for the last 15 minutes of the show.  Thankful to Charlie for being so gracious with the Americans!  WE LOVED this show, loved hanging with Charlie.  He really loved our music!  That makes my heart smile!!  We were on the radio show with a lovely poet, Bernadette McCarrick. 'A Swan in Flight'.  It was extraordinary to listen to her poems and then we would explain one of our songs and perform it.  The short time FLEW!  We loved every second.  Can't wait for a 2nd chance to go back and know where the heck we are going, since we will be experienced Ireland travelers and make the entire hour show with Charlie!  
Once our time was us, we chatted with Charlie and Berandette for a few minutes.  Taylor did not join us on this outing, instead he went to the flea market happening right across the street!  So we joined him when we were finished.  We did manage to pick up a Cookie Jar, out of all things for ME!  I collect them.  I can say it made the trip back to the United States and is beautifully displayed in our kitchen!  We paid 2 Euro for it, but it is priceless to me.
Headed up north after to do a gig in Castleblaney.  We made our long drive to Caslteblaney.  On the way up, our good friend and amazing photographer, Bret Pemelton had texted me.  A Instagram friend of his, actually lives outside of Caslteblaney and she wanted to come to our show.  So we were able to meet her and hang with her during our show.  This one was interesting.  It was a Saturday night show with Matt Leavy.  The crowd was ready for Saturday night dancing!  We are NOT that kind of music.  We still had a good time.  After we finished we went back to our rooms.  About 3:00 am we were awakened with 2 very drunk people trying for a 1/2 hour to get in our room.  They were determined that it was their room.  Their key did not work, but they didn't care...Ahhh the fun.  

Friday Night FUN: Ireland 

After Ramsbottoms, we got up and headed to Grange, Sliago.  Set our Sat Nav and headed out to Barry's Public House.  A very cool listening room venue.  We got there and had some time to spare while they were setting up at the venue.  We met  Tommy Rosney, from Highland Radio and he took us to the church (above) where William Butler Yeats 
is buried.  Here is a little info: The famous Irish playwright and poet was born in Dublin in 1865. His father and brother were both painters, and the young W.B. began his artistic career at the Dublin School of Art, but by his early 20s he realized his passion was not for painting but for words. During his early literary career, he was inspired by Irish folklore; later, he became influenced by (and concerned about) politics and government in Ireland. He died in France in 1939 and was originally buried there, but in 1948 his body was exhumed and his remains were buried in the Drumcliff Churchyard in Sligo, where his grandfather had been rector in the 1800s. Yeats had requested that he be buried within sight of Ben Bulben. The inscription on his headstone was written by Yeats himself, and reads: “Cast a cold Eye/On Life, on Death./Horseman, pass by.”
Then we headed back to the venue and did our sound check, went across the street and had a lovely meal.  Back to the venue.  Where we met the lovely Beverley Springer, from Highland Radio.  
People came.  It wasn't a large crowd as the next morning was the 'Darkness into Light' Race.  It is a very cool race for suicide prevention.  Starting at 4.15 am, and crossing the line just as dawn is breaking.  It is an annual 5km walk/run.  Celebrated it's 7th year at 80 venues across Ireland and beyond.  So, many people went to bed early, because they were signed up for the race.
Though it wasn't a huge crowd, it was one of the best crowds!  Check out these pics I "borrowed from Tommy Rosney...    
A very cool story, there was a couple there, and the woman, a nurse, went to nursing school with Beverley.  They hadn't seen each other in like 20 years, until this night.  It was a fun reunion to watch!!!  I was so glad that we were the reason that they both were there.  We and a blast getting to know them after the show.  Speaking of show.  This one was magical!  Oh my gosh, we had an amazing time!  It was one of our favorite shows!  The sad thing is, is that in looking at Facebook, I see that Barry's Public House is permanently closed.  So very sad.  Please someone fill me in on this.  I hope that it will open up again.  

Roosters and ruins...The travel continues!  

The journey continues...The next morning we met TR and he took us around Moate.  We went to a beautiful museum on the history of Irish music.  What a gorgeous place.  The ladies that run it were just lovely.  Took the time to show us around.  We can’t wait to go back on our next trip to Ireland and take in a great show!
Said our good-bye's and headed out to Portlaoise.  We set Sally Sat Nav to the pub...question was...would we find Ramsbottoms Pub.  Our pattern with the Sat Nav was not the best...There is NO way it could have been us??!!!
We ended up in a beautiful little town.  What we thought was Portlaoise, with a Ramsbottoms Pub.   Just not the right one.  Who would have known there were 2. 
Finding the wrong pub was worth the trip.  Just across the yard was this beautiful little church and a ruin next to it.   
I do have one question...I have NO idea what this statue is...If anyone can help me with this, I would much appreciate it.  After picture taking time, we headed over to Portlaoise proper.  
We found the correct pub.  Headed to our hotel then walked back to do our sound check.  Met Pam Jackson, who opened up for us, with Eamon Dunne on guitar.  Set up, ran through sound check with Tommy and Taylor.  What a fantastic gig!  We had a blast.  Such an amazing show.  Amazing audience and amazing response.  We had a few requests...One was to sing John Denver.  Thank goodness for iPhone and lyrics.  We also had a request to sing, Falling Slowly.  Very cool!  
The best part is we made new friends.  I love that we are able to make friends and gain new fans and keep in touch via FB, IG and other social media.  Keeps us connected until our next trip!

Castles and songs... 

Woke up and met up with Carmel in the Morning to get our information for our gigs.
Before we left for Moate, we took a little side trip to Malahide Castle

You can’t go to Ireland/England without seeing at least 1 castle!!! Wow.  It was stunning.  I’ll share some pics. I am smitten with the portrait on the right.  I have no idea who it is. There was no name... The style and colors and the emotion in the painting.  I want someone to make ME a copy of it!!  
OK, back to the castle...Our guide on the castle tour was amazing.  Tom even took some video of what he thinks was a ghost.  The guide told us there were 5 living in the castle!  Trivia: The chairs in the first pic... I don't care where you stand politically, but history was made as Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher held a meeting in that room and sat in those chairs.  Pretty cool.  Loved the doors.  So much character in the details of castles and buildings. Just stunning.  You know my husband was in his ELEMENT!  
Once we finished our amazing castle tour, we headed to our car, gave our hugs to Carmel and Cian and we were off on our own!
Our first gig was in Moate at  Don’s Bar.  Don is a great guy!  We loved meeting him and honored to have played at his pub!   Pete Kennedy came by to sing a few songs.  Small world story...  We had met Pete several months earlier in Nashville, at the Bluebird Café!  He is an amazing country artist traveling to Nashville to write and record, tour.  He was home, as his wife had just given birth to twins a week or so before we arrived to Ireland!  Met amazing musicians that played throughout the night.  We sang our music.  Then we were honored to have TR Dallas get up and sing for the crowd!The house band came back up and did another set and Tommy sat in and played drums on a few tunes!  After the show we sold CD’s and signed autographs.  My favorite part of the night was watching my son, Taylor, sign our poster for Don.  We hung out for a while had a great time getting to know people. 
That is one of the best parts of Ireland…the people.  They are the friendliest group of people.  Love them!!!
One last thing... Shhh, don't tell anyone, but Taylor even got to drive the car about an 1/4 or a mile to the hotel.  For a car/driving obsessed savant, that is huge!!!  So he was able to experience driving a standard car on the opposite lane!  Good thing it was 2 am and no traffic was anywhere!  (good for me not him!  He loved it!!!

Lost Hollow in Ireland! Day off...Guinness Storehouse.  

Morning started with an Irish breakfast. Took a stroll around town and snapped a few pics and had a blast! 

Then we met Carmel and Cian at the train station for our short ride to Dublin. 
It was our day off and, of course, being in Ireland, for Tommy, we HAD to visit the Guinness Storehouse
Carmel is AMAZING!!!  She is always thinking ahead,  found the best, quickest way for us to get where we need to go. Totally took care of us!
The Guinness Storehouse, what a fascinating place.  We loved learning about the history of Guinness, how they are economically and environmentally conscious and how at one point were the largest employer in Ireland.  Taylor and Tom and I took a course on how to ‘properly pour’ a guinness.  Passed with flying colors and even earned a certificate, and our own pint!  We snapped 
a few pics and had a blast! 

Thanks to Carmel, we had an interview with Lawrence John from the Lawrence John Show. Click here to watch.  It was a awesome interview!  Loved Lawrence!

 Cian, Carmel's son,  was a trooper!  He was fantastic!  No way would ‘The Rowan Factor’ have been so patient on this journey! 
We spent hours at the Guinness Storehouse. 
From there we wanted to check out St James Cathedrial, because after a Guinness of course you want to go to church! 
Seriously, we had been told how beautiful it was and had to go. 
Carmel, again, got a fun ride for all of us to get there.  We took a carriage ride!  Even got Cian on the horse for a photo op!  All Cian wanted was a burger from McDonalds.  

Unfortunately, it was half seven, and the church was closed.  We had a nice walk back to the train station.  
Finally found a McDonalds for Cian, he was starving!!  Ate our food and headed back to the station and back to Malahide.
Day 2...Success!


Flight and 1st day in Ireland. 

Sunday Morning, May 3,  we boarded the plane for NYC, connecting to our flight to Dublin.  Tom and Taylor and I were finally on our way to Ireland! Months of planning, coming to fruition!    We had our plan.  Once on the plane in NYC, sleep on the flight.  Tommy was out, no problem sleeping.  I, watched the first of 3 movies, then made myself try to sleep, you know, as well as one can on a plane.  Taylor slept as much has he could.  He is not a good sleeper.  We arrived in Dublin at 6:50 AM.  Rented our car.  (Yes, Tommy drove all over Ireland.)  We included a Sat Nav (GPS).  (On our first trip to England,  years ago, we didn’t rent a Sat Nav. Didn't want to pay the extra money...We went “Old School” and used an actual map!  Yea, we learned from that.  When driving in foreign country…rent a “Sat Nav”!!)  
Our first day itinerary, drive up North to Shane’s Castle, Antrim,to do a few songs with “Uncle” Hugo Duncan, on his radio show on BBC Ulster. 
We left the airport,  first drove to Malahide, to meet Carmel Manion,  Jump the Moon PR, the amazing woman that put this entire Ireland trip together. 
We met at a quaint little restaurant and had our first full Irish Breakfast., met Carmel and her very cool son Cian.  He is the same age as our son Rowan.We chatted up a storm, she filled us in on our trip details, gave us our paperwork and after breakfast we were on our way!
The drive was a little stressful. 
First of all, Tom had to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road!  That was stressful for Taylor and I!!   I attempted, for over 30 minutes, to put the 'Shanes Castle' address in our Sat Nav.  It would not accept it.  It would immediately recalculate and ONLY want to take us back to the Dublin Airport.  What???  Fortuantely, we had an actual road map of Ireland from the Rental company.  So, once again, we went “Old School” to get to our first gig.
We made it in time, met our friend and fantastic country artist, Justin McGurk
He and Tommy have been ‘cyber’ musician friends.  How amazing is it to meet our cyber friends in person!! I love it!  We had a blast singing for “Uncle” Hugo"s radio show    
He is fantastic.  Quite a character. 
Then we strolled around the festival for a while, walked around the ruins of Shane’s Castle,had a little lunch, then had an interview with Sean Green.  Got back in our car and with our road map, drove back to Malahide. 

It was an awesome, long first day!!! 

Uk trip highlights 

If any of you know either one of us, you'll know that we are Anglophiles.  We love the UK.  When you see the inside of our house, it's like something out of a castle, with swords, wrought iron candelabras and chandeliers, tapestries, and gargoyles.  So when we decided to to a big trip to celebrate our anniversiary, we of course chose England.  Thanks to some friends, including Rachel Warwick and Christian Yuill, and friends in Liverpool Neil Dutton, we were able to book 4 Lost Hollow shows.

So here's the quickie rundown on the trip. 
Day 1.   We flew in, got the car, next morning drove to Slough to visit our good friends John and Dot Graveling, then booked it up to Warwick, where they not only have a beautiful castle, but a wonderful medieval village, complete with many half timbered houses. 
Lor and Jon Graveling

Jon Graveling with Lor

One cool thing that happened was we were walking down the street, in England the main street is called 'high street', so we saw a drum store of all things.  It was close to closing time, I was able to go in and meet the guy who runs the store.  His name was Tom and I was able to introduce myself, and pick up a current issue of Rhythm UK magazine, on his coffee table, rummage through and point to a pic and say here I am.   Pretty cool.   Rhythm UK did a 2 month feature on Nashville studio drummers :)  Our Bed and Breakfast was a gorgeous old house from the 1600's called Park cottage.  We were there first, so we got to choose the room, we got the four poster bedroom with very wonky floors.
Park Cottage B&B  Warwick

Park Cottage B&B, Warwick

Day 2 took us up to York, in Cumbria.  We were trying to get to Scotland and we didn't want to drive 8 hours, so we thought we'd do 2 hour drives and visit places along the way, then hit Scotland.  Let me tell you, if I had pick one place to live in the world, it might possible be York.  Holy Mackeral that is a beautiful town.  It's a medieval walled town that has a street called Little Shambles, and it's like walking into Diagon Alley (More about that later).  We took a tour of the York MInster, a cathedral in York that took over 250 years to build and is larger than Westminster Abbey.  We also found the snarkiest book store I think i've ever been in.  Another highlight was the University of York, pictured below is the King's College, home of their Medieval Studies dept, and possible future school of mine :)  We had dinner at the Ole White Swan pub, of course I had to do my fish and chips and Guinness, Lor had shephards pie.  yum.     We are definitely going back to York, and I really want to play there. 

Day 3.   Next stop was Edinburgh, a 3-4 hour drive, so we left early and took the highway up the coast.  We had a little Chevy Spark, the spark stands for the engine, I think it had 1 cylinder,  and was a 5 speed.  As we were driving towards Scotland we saw a sign that said Alnwick Castle.  Well, as I'm sure you know, this castle is where they shot the broomstick lesson scene with Madam Hooch in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  So we went. OMG!!  The village was to die for, but since we had to get to Scotland, we only took in the castle.  It was very chilly that day, overcast and damp.  We got to the castle and it was a gorgeous medieval castle on the outside, in the inner yard, an actress was giving broomstick lessons.  She was hilarious!!  We asked her to take a selfie with us and she told us no one had ever asked her before.   The inside of the castle was like Windsor, it was that opulent and elegant.  We weren't expecting that.  I really want to shoot a music video here next trip.  

Believe it or not, we're still on Day 3, it was about 1:00 and we drove into Edinburgh and went straight to the castle.  Edinburgh castle is on a giant rock at the highest point in the town.  It's a military fortress, more than a luxury castle, so it's very bare bones accomodation wise, but a full blown military garrison.  It's also the castle that J.K. Rowling would stare at from the Elephant House coffee shop while she was writing her first Harry Potter book.  Sense a theme here?  Ok, that's enough for this blog, we'll pick up on another blog :)